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Mad Negotiating Skills

35+ Years of Effective Negotiating

We are born negotiators. In the beginning, all our negotiating is relegated to simple tit for tat, which is really at the heart of negotiations. But being able to move from manipulation to effective negotiating takes great interpersonal skills, solid verbal and written communication skills, and hopefully a healthy dose of honesty and integrity. Being a husband, father and real estate professional puts all of these skills to work daily. Hell, hourly. Looking for one killer tip in your next negotiation? Seek to understand the other parties needs before attempting to explain your needs. You're welcome.

Crazy Problem Solving Skills

30+ Years of Creative Problem Solving

Your 3 year old wants to jump on the trampoline AND go camping? Non-action no doubt will lead to 30 minutes of crying and screaming, time to think fast. Of course, deciding in a split second to put a tent ON the trampoline is something only a creative problem solver would do. Of course clients can also scream and cry when trouble comes. Being able to think on your feet--not freezing--and seeing a solution that averts them from telling EVERYONE the story of how their agent screwed them over is just another day for the creative problem solver. Problem solving requires motivation and initiative on your part. It's a proactive process. And of course flexibility and adaptability need to be apart of the equation. And the final piece is strong organizational skills to make that 90 degree turn look "money" (as "they" like to say).

Ninja-like Analytical Man of Action

10+ Years of Strategic Action

I eat complex interrelationships for breakfast. I see patterns and in-depth understanding of how they work together--and more importantly, how they can be improved. You often call them "problems". But, in fact, they are opportunities that team work, innovation, and resourcefulness thrive on. The goal is to move ahead of the competition. Although you are happy to just catchup. Devising that fresh and unexpected solution (more likely, solutions) to leap frog forward is how I roll. That's just how I'm built. And I'm not afraid to try these solutions today.



Real Estate Professional

Keller Williams Realty Boise / August 2009 - Present

  • Providing excellent service to Home Buyers and Sellers in Boise, ID and surrounding areas.
  • Educate clients about Short Sales, REOs (Bank-Owned) and Foreclosures; as well as the rest of the home buying process.
  • Using internet marketing, content marketing and inbound marketing skills to find new clients daily.
  • Using my WordPress and SEO expertise to run a terrific Boise Real Estate site.

Small Business Owner

Staff Monkey / August 2007 - August 2011

  • Operated small business that provided email marketing for the non-profit sector.
  • Used my expertise to complete daily, weekly and monthly goals.
  • Was responsible for the vision and mission of the company.
  • Still consulted on all aspects of Email Marketing by Staff Monkey.

Campus Staff Member

InterVarsity / July 2002 - June 2008

  • Was responsible to annually raise a $50,000 budget.
  • Envisioned, planned and executed three 6 week long service outreaches to Thailand for college students.
  • Raised up project staff to lead the same service project in later years.
  • Planned and created regional and area websites for local branch of the organization.
  • Scripted, filmed and edited short promotional videos for student conferences and also produced short video teaching aids for conference speakers.
  • Created and led training for college students in the areas of leadership and cross-cultural service.

Various Jobs

National Park Service / June 1995 - June 1998

  • Successfully never got eaten by a Grizzly Bear or gored by a Bison.
  • Seriously, what else to you want? That's big time right there.



Apple Certified Pro

Final Cut Pro - Level 1 / June 2008



University of Montana

BA History & Media Arts / Graduated May 2002