The Cowboys are ruining the Bears

Screw the Dallas Cowboys!

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If you know me, you know I have a certain affinity for the Chicago Bears. I have a deep love for all our Chicago Bears.

And as a Bears fan, there are teams I “hate”. The Green Bay Packers come to mind. But this is the sort of hate you have for your brother who picks on you every day after school. You hate his dumb ass; but he’s your brother… so you can’t really imagine life without him. Besides, you’re just going to get even the next time you get a chance anyway.

But then there are the other teams who aren’t in the family (AFC teams, non-NFC North teams). I hate them like I hate malaria in Africa. I know I should hate them, but I don’t really think about them all that often. Nor do I really care what they do unless we are playing them that week.

Enter the anti-christ

But every once in a while there’s special exception to this structure. Enter the Dallas Cowboys. Like everyone else in the NFL I didn’t like the Cowboys much when they were winning all those super bowls in the 90s. But in the last 3 weeks I’ve grown to hate this team with a new passion.

As you may know, the Bears are on an epic 3 game losing streak against the pathetic AFC West. Its horrible.

But its the role 3 former Cowboys have played that has soured me forever on this team.

Cowboy Curse?

If you google “Cowboy Curse” there are over 4 million returned results!!

At the beginning of the season I was excited the Bears picked up 3 Cowboys who had been cut. Wide receiver Roy Williams, running back Marion Barber and special teams ace (WR) Sam Hurd.

Roy Williams, when he played for Martz in Detroit was the league’s best receiver. We needed a good receiver. Now, granted, when Roy went “home” to the Cowboys he looked horrible. But I was still excited.

Marion Barber is known as the “Barbarian”. He’s a beast by any man’s measure. He’d make the perfect compliment to our stud, Matt Forte I thought.

And Sam Hurd was brought in to replace Rashied Davis who was a great special teamer and overall great guy. We needed a new special team ace and Hurd fit the bill.

Then it all went wrong.

After beating the San Diego Chargers and losing our starting QB Jay Cutler most Bears fans were still feeling optimistic. We were playing 3 more games against the Raiders, Chiefs and Broncos.

The Raiders lost was tough. A game that could have been won if we hadn’t turned the ball over 3 times in the first half. Our defense was just epic.

The Chiefs lost, though, was devastating. Not only did we lose our best offensive weapon, Matt Forte. We had several opportunities to win the game. Including two opportunities involving Barber (who didn’t line up on the line of scrimmage and thus had a TD called back) and Williams (who let a ball pass through both hands in the end zone). It was rough.

The Broncos lost capped off this 3 week nightmare. Again Marion Barber cost us the game and Roy Williams didn’t live up to expectations. And we got Tebowed. Ugh!

And then there was Sam Hurd.

Yesterday Sam Hurd was arrested for felony drug charges. He didn’t buy a bunch of blow for a big party either. He wanted to be a player and sell. What an ass. And, again, a Cowboy.

This is the curse of the Cowboys coming down hard on the Chicago Bears my friends.

How about them Cowboys? Screw ’em!

4 Responses to “Screw the Dallas Cowboys!”

  1. What can I say? The Cowboy curse is real. But don’t get angry at the players (Williams, Barber, Hurd) They’re victims, just like the rest of the Bears at this point.

    I blame Jerry Jones and his deal with the devil. The cost of the 90’s has been a decade of shrivel and withering defeat. Even Jones can’t cheat the devil. But soon the curse will be lifted and the Bears hopes along with it.

    We just have to drive a stake… I’ve said too much.

  2. Amazing… I like the bears, not a fan but like them. Me I am a Jets fan and it is the same with us. We hate teams like the Patriots and Fins, but I think it is universal everyone hates the Cowboys. Either they are your favorite team or you hate them. Cant think of any in between. Kind of like the Yankees (F* the yankees) and the Lakers. Three teams you either love and they are your favorite or you hate.

    • Seth Neal says:

      I didn’t like the Cowboys in the 90s when Jerry Jones was winning all those superbowls but I didn’t really have an issue with them until this year. 3 Cowboys and nothing but pain and suffering. Ugh!

      I actually like Rex Ryan. Of course, being the son of Buddy Ryan doesn’t hurt. 😉

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