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Football Towns

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American’s love football. I love football. I’ve never lived in an NFL football town. Yea, I’m from Montana. But, I’ve lived in some great college football towns. Missoula, MT has the University of Montana Grizzlies (my alma mater), a perennial power in what used to be called Division 1-AA — which is now called the FCS, i.e. Football Championship Subdivision, e.g. they actually play a playoff to determine the national championship! Missoulians love the Grizzlies and games are extremely fun to attend. Salt Lake City, UT isn’t really a great college town, but when I lived in SLC and worked on the University of Utah campus during the Utes original BCS busting season (remember Urban Meyer and Alex Smith?) SLC transformed into a fun football town. Now I live in Boise, ID and the locals here love them some Boise State Broncos. Games are fun to go to and watching games with BSU fans are fun too. Tonight’s Fiesta Bowl game against TCU was fun and all the anticipated trickeration leading to BSU’s victory made it just that much more fun.

However, all this fun turned to hilarity when BSU’s marching ban and girls-in-tights-who-should-never-wear-tights came out for the halftime show! Now, mind you, I didn’t even watch the halftime show because I wanted to play me some Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 on my PS3… but I received no less than 3 calls from out-of-town friends in the span of a minute — and had a wife in hysterics all because of this:

Mind you, this is already on YouTube and the game has just barely ended! Cow Bell Girl doesn’t seem that amused or excited, but I can promise you she did make the halftime show a little more fun. Thanks Cow Bell girl.

UPDATE – 1/5/10: OK, so this morning I learned on Twitter  that not only has Cow Bell Girl been noticed by more than my friends and wife (see here) but that Cow Bell Girl is… blind. So, I’m thinking, if this is indeed true, an apology is in order on my behalf. My wife thinks I should remove the complete post, but I’m not going to do that. I shouldn’t make fun of blind girls, or fat girls, or anyone for that matter and truthfully all I was hoping to point out was how one 5 second shot can make a game more fun to watch.

Boot Camp

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Have you ever had your ass kicked? It happens all the time on the movies, the hero or the villian takes a beating but seems barely phased. That’s total horse crap in case you hadn’t guessed yet.

I don’t know how I got to where I am today. I suppose a little reflection on my part would illuminate that… but that’s for another time. Somehow I signed up for “boot camp” through my gym and last night was the kick off. Sad story short 20 minutes in I wasn’t sure I was going to leave on my own two feet. I physically got worked. Hard.

I didn’t have any delusions of grandeur going in–check that. Of course I had delusions of grandeur going in, how else can you explain someone like me signing up for something like this?! I clearly thought I could do it before showing up, but a group of mostly women showed me up for the better part of 60 minutes waking me to the reality of how bad things are for Camp Neal right now.

I’m 33 years old and 273 lbs. About 1/3 of that is pure fat. Shit. That’s hard to say. But that’s the truth. The last time I was at a healthy weight I was just out of high school… over a decade ago. I don’t want to go to boot camp again today, but I will. And I’ll go again and again until it either kills me or until I reach my goal of getting to a healthy weight. I’ll keep you posted.

Carter Edwin Neal

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Wow… I’m really tired. I’m not sure we are even going to understand how our lives have just changed. Our little boy is so cute.  And now he has a name!

Introducing Carter Edwin Neal, born 6lbs 6oz and 19″ long and healthy as… you know, something we all think of as being very healthy.  Carter was my choice, Jill was more partial to Luke, but we agreed on Carter because if he turned out to be a she instead we would have gone with Jill’s name.  Marriage.

These were taken this morning.  Very cute.

The Little One

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So Jill wasn’t kidding!

At 5am this morning she started feeling contractions, at 9am I called the midwife on call, at 1pm we arrived at the U of U hospital (and Melissa, our favorite midwife was on call!) and Jill was 6cm, at 3pm Jill was at 9cm (oh, and I’m sick as a dog… damz…), at 5pm Jill starting going into hard labor and at 7.12pm The Little One was born!

OH!  And The Little One is a He!

That’s mom and The Little Boy about an hour after.  He went for food about an hour in… even though he doesn’t totally get it yet!  But he will.  He’s my son after all!

Oh, and here’s a picture of Melissa our midwife who stayed 3 hours after her shift had ended! I’m telling you, she is the best.

Oh, and one last story.  Or the first one… whatever.  Tonight was supposed to be our last hypnobirthing class!  Obviously we didn’t make it, but the class did a tour of the hospital so I saw them!  And, if you want to know, Jill did awesome and the hypnobirthing was totally the right way to go.  Obviously I’m not going to say something as stupid as “it was easy” but Jill was impressive even if was the hardest thing she’s ever done!

More later… I’m tired and a bit delirious!

HOLY $&#%!

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So Jill says she is in labor…

Right now!

The Little One cometh.


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OK, so Jill and I have been going to birthing classes as we anticipate The Little One.  And that’s exactly what we say.  And if people want to believe that means lamaze class or whatever that’s fine with us because truthfully we are a little embarrassed to be going.  If there is one thing good conservative Christians aren’t suppose to be about it is hippie-psycho babble.  Now, I know… there is already some debate about the whole “good conservative Christian” thing, but that’s another post.

Hypnobirthing is the birthing class Oprah would take if she were ever with child and in need of such a class. In fact, I would describe Hypnobirthing as more philosophy than actual technique.  For instance, there are “laws” we went over in our first class such as “The Law of Harmonious Attraction” (which of course gets back to the Oprah comment above).

But here’s the thing; we think we like it! Not so much the psycho babble parts; but the birth is a natural event not a medical intervention parts! Imagine that. Our midwife (Melissa, whom we LOVE) really encouraged us to participate and we are glad we did. It’ll be exciting to see how all this plays out as we await The Little One.


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I’ve always had an over-inflated sense of what was right and what was wrong. Sometimes that served me well; like when my sixth grade friend said we should hide in a ditch and shoot at oncoming cars with his new bee-bee gun I said, “Hellz no, my dad will literally kick my ass into next week” or something like that. And when the cops handcuffed Bruce after he shot out the driver side window of an old VW bug and put some half blind guy in the ER for stitches I knew that my sense of right and wrong had done its job.

Its sometimes not served me as well… but that’s another post.

What’s harder though, is when I see injustice and I feel powerless to stop it. Big injustices suck, but so do the small ones. For instance, my wife and I are looking to buy a new (used) car in anticipation of The Little Guy. One ad in the paper caught my eye for a 2002 Corolla with 16k miles on it. The lady selling it was nice and even said that our baby was going to be a boy and very smart.  Which I thought was real nice.  But, she really wanted more than we could afford and so we told her we had to think about it. I decided to do my due diligence and looked up the car’s VIN on Carfax.com.

The short and long of it was that this car didn’t have 16k miles on it because it had been in a wreck in LA with 32k miles on it. I was pissed, but what really steamed me was I knew some sucker was going to get taken by this fortune teller and I was powerless to do anything about it save picketing her hair salon.  I don’t know why, but crap like this just pisses me off.

Our Car

The good news is we got a car for The Little Guy. A 2002 Camry with 36K miles on it and only one owner! Sadly it was owned by this old guy whose kids decided dad wasn’t safe behind the wheel anymore, but we’ll take it still.

Blog Update: July 26

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At the SLC Bees game. Literally sweating my ass off and its 9PM! DAMNZ! Anyway, want to start writing more often here, even though I have nothing to say! And that after 2 beers (my father-in-law is in town, what else am I suppose to drink?)!

That and I want to try my new WP iPhone app…

Yea, that just happened. … Let it soak in a bit…

OK, I’m out.

Fear and Trembling…

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Our culture is consumed by fear.  Its all the rage.  Afraid of Osama; afraid of the world melting; afraid that we won’t get to keep our happy little lives the way they are.  In many ways there isn’t anything more wrong with our collective consciousness’s than this fear mongering we are so adept at.

Scared as hell...

But there is something God given about fear.  Not the kind we usually practice, or the spiritual kind that you may think I’m referring too… but the primal kind.   I came across this picture this week and just can’t stop staring at it… its a picture of fear and trembling and somehow its making me a little more whole.

Why are you poor?

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So I was in Barnes & Noble paging through some books I had no intention of buying because I'm cheap… sipping my $4 latte (yes, there was a hint of sarcastic irony there) and came across a book called "Poor People" by a certain William Vollmann–I'm sure his friends call him Bill.  Anyway, Bill, who has written quite a few books on social issues according to the publisher decided to write a book detailing his interactions with poor people around the world (including folks in Thailand) and asking them simply, Why are you poor?!

Well, as you can imagine, this was pretty interesting if not all together depressing… which I suppose could be expected as I sipped my coffee and was reminded that half the world lives on less than a couple bucks a day!  At any rate, some of his stories were really quite intriguing as he retold his interviews with these different people and I'd encourage you to waste some time paging through this book if you ever get the chance.

But one thing really stuck out to me… it was the poor in places like the U.S. and Japan who really "felt poor" even though they had much more compared to the others in the book from places like Thailand and Kenya because they had a much deeper sense of "relative poverty".  In other words, the people around them had so much more than they had they felt much poorer; where as people in Kenya, who live in poverty, have less than others around them but it wasn't as if they had so much less that they felt completely isolated from the society around them.

Maybe not the most profound stuff ever, but it did make me wonder how I make people around me feel poor and vice versa.