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New Year’s Resolutions: 2012 Edition

01.01.12 Posted in Personal Mission by

It’s 2012. The Bears won. And its looking really good Albert Ma is going to lose. I think I’m going to like 2012. Of course, as I look forward to a great 2012, I also reflect on 2011 and wonder what I can do differently to make 2012 better. That’s where these silly resolutions start […]

Take 5 Minutes

09.26.11 Posted in Personal Mission by

One of my less endearing qualities (although I admit I have many) is impatience. Its never done fast enough. I’m never there soon enough. And I’m always getting ticked off about it. I’m Getting Impatient But the truth is, its usually done fast enough. I’m always there soon enough. And I’m getting mad for no […]

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

02.08.10 Posted in Personal Mission by

I can’t quite pin down the first time I heard about the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator or personality tests in general, but I fully remember my response. Bull Crap! Actually, it was probably a little stronger than that, but this is a family friendly blog. I thought it was laughable, and no doubt insulting, that you […]

StrengthsFinder 2.0

02.05.10 Posted in Books, Personal Mission by

Its amazing all the things you are told through out your life that is sheer rubbish. Frankly I’m surprised things aren’t more screwed up than they already are! Women (who are rail thin) are told they are fat and worthless by pretty much everyone. Men are told they are impotent and insignificant. And the kids […]

Being Awesome

02.02.10 Posted in Personal Mission by

I have a friend (more than one surprisingly!). And he is one of those guys you’re glad you are friends with. He loves his family. He works hard at his business. He’s passionate about his interests. I know, that’s a lot of people, but he’s also willing to share and encourage at the drop of […]

My Three Words

01.30.10 Posted in Personal Mission by

Leader. Creator. Storyteller. Those are my 3 words. At least today they are; its the best I can do on such short notice. I’m putting together my résumé and as I’ve been looking at others, one had their 3 words listed under their name (I wish I saved where I saw that, but I didn’t). […]