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02.21.07 Posted in Fun by

Have you played Nintendo’s new video game console the Wii?  Dude… it’s awesome.  I mean, I like playing video games and stuff, but this thing is off the hook, crazy-fun to play.  After playing it, I dreamt about playing it-fun. In fact, I still day-dream about playing it. Well, anyway, the bad news is Jill […]

Time-lapse madness…

01.27.07 Posted in Fun by

YouTube is the best… there’s all sorts of funny stuff on there… and some not so funny stuff… and some stuff that probably shouldn’t be on there… and some stuff my wife REALLY wishes weren’t on there… But anyway, one of the things that is all over YouTube are time-lapsed videos that are great.  For […]


12.05.06 Posted in Fun, Rants by

I know… I’ve been totally ranting lately.  Its the weather.  The weather makes me do things… bad things. And since we live in this screwed up world we call home; well, you get the idea.  I can go overboard.  So, instead of raging about the new UNDP report that just came out (read the news […]

Oh man…

11.27.06 Posted in Fun by

I always wanted to fly when I was just a little squirt… glad I got glasses instead!