Facebook is for the people I used to know. LinkedIn for the people I do now. And Twitter is for the people I want to know -via the Twitters

Hello fellow Twitter…er! So, you are bringing your cyber-stalking to the next level, good for you! You’ve found my personal site where I sometimes Blog (which is to say I don’t). Don’t let that discourage you though. Any good cyber-stalker knows you can find out more about the person on their Bio Page. Unfortunately, mine isn’t that helpful, but its website law to have one. So at least you know I’m official.

I suppose you should probably head on over to the Facebooks and do a little stalking there. I’m sure there is something embarrassing about me on it as my friends like to do that to me. Of course, you could always just say hi to me back on the Twitters. After all, I have a real soft spot for the stalkers. Honestly, I do.

Oh, also, no official landing page would be complete without whoring myself out… VISIT MY REAL ESTATE SITE, BOISE REAL ESTATE GUY, AND BUY A HOUSE FROM ME!!

Whoa. That was a little strong. I need to start on that whole “decaf” thing I keep hearing about.

Me. Elsewhere on the Internets.
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