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Have you played Nintendo’s new video game console the Wii?  Dude… it’s awesome.  I mean, I like playing video games and stuff, but this thing is off the hook, crazy-fun to play.  After playing it, I dreamt about playing it-fun. In fact, I still day-dream about playing it.

Well, anyway, the bad news is Jill is not that interested in me getting one.  But I’ve still been looking into the “world of wii” and its pretty funny the stuff out there on this console. One blog I’ve been looking at has some dude’s experiment to get in shape by playing the Wii.  You may think that’s funny if you’ve never played the Wii… but if you’ve played then you know he’s dead serious.

Anyway, go check out this dude’s update here: its great stuff.

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  1. playing guitar hero right now on my friends. just finished getting dominated in tennis. but the real gem is legend of Zelda. thats goodness.

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