Albert Ma, Tyrant.

Why Tyrants Win

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(And other mumblings from a Social Media dud.)

The New Oxford American Dictionary defines a tyrant as such:

tyrant |ˈtīrənt|
• a cruel and oppressive ruler
• a person exercising power or control in a cruel, unreasonable, or arbitrary way

Albert Ma, Dictator

Kim Jong-il, Albert Ma, Muammar Gaddafi

If you remember, sometime last week I made the case to unfollow Albert Ma. It was a (futile) retaliatory gesture wielded against an unjust, cruel tyrant. Otherwise known as the Fantasy Football Commisionor of the #lotrasFFL.


Albert Ma Won

The plan was simple. Hit this guy where it would hurt. His Klout score. Get people to unfollow him on Twitter and stop interacting with him. In short, I failed. Not only did the plan not work, Albert actually gained followers on twitter! I know because they tweeted me about it! And to add some insult to this injury, Karen (the poor girl who got taken by Albert) didn’t even unfollow herself.

There are really no words to describe this sort of brutal beatdown by this oppressor. However, I will say I’m more than one beer in as I type these words and reflect on the experience.

Fallen Heros

However, there were a few who unfollowed. A few who fought to see justice brought down on this tyrant. Matthew H Smith, who has more important things to do than get caught up in Fantasy Football shenanigans, unfollowed Albert. Don L Day, I have no idea what prompted him to unfollow, but his sacrifice was much appreciated. Dylan Howell, his next beer is on me… he had his Girl’s business account unfollow as well! Dave Yasuda is just a solid guy; I appreciate the unfollow man. Kevin Wilson (husband of Karen) may have just served me another beer. For that and the unfollow I am grateful. And finally, Jeran Dahlquist, my Bears compatriot who followed me down this foolish path: I’ll always be grateful.

Yep, that list is that short.

What was Learned?

1st, Albert is way too popular for his own good! Haha!

2nd, unfollowing people feels too personal. I had more than one comment that they wanted to shame Albert, but an unfollow was going to far. I find this true myself. Anytime someone unfollows me who I’ve made a connection with it feel personal. Probably too personal.

3rd, apathy is easier than action. Action takes risk. Action takes movement. Action takes sacrifice. Apathy asks for none of those things. Its the easier choice.

So, What’s Next?

Albert has won this round, but he won’t win week 7 in the #lotrasFFL. Stay tuned. Albert will get his! Trust me, you’ll know all about it.

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    chalk one up for the bad guys.

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