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Two Good Friends

03.14.10 Posted in Random Musing, Technology by

Friends no more?On Friday I was reminded of two very dear friends of mine that have recently been on the outs… in fact, it seems like things are turning from bad to worse. It makes me so incredibly sad. In 2006 they almost got married! Or at least that’s what myself and their other mutual friends all thought–or more accurately–what we all hoped! But it looks like any chance of that is just laughable now. I’m guessing I’ll be lucky if I see them ever on talking terms again. Sad.

The whole situation makes me wonder what I’m supposed to do. How do I deal with this as someone who loves them both? Will I have to choose sides? I honestly don’t know…

I’ve known Google since the Fall of 1999 when I was introduced by one of my favorite English professors who was an avid technologist as well as a scholar. Google was so simple, so Zen (but with colors and flare), so nerdy girl how could we not hit it off right away? And like many awkwards do, Google seemed to transform into a stone cold fox as maturity came. I still see Google everyday. I get directions. I find old college professors. And Google works at my business a lot too (Voice, Apps, etc).

But I’ve known Apple longer. I grew up with Apple. In my tiny little elementary school in rural MT sat an Apple II where I learned simple math and how to play the Oregon Trail. And with any mature relationship its had its ups and downs. In fact, when it came time for me to spread my wings and leave the house to buy my first personal computer I left Apple for something called Windows 95. Its a mistake I still regret. But it was the first and last time I ever made it. And of course Apple welcomed me back 3 years later when I bought my Blue and White G3. And today Apple lives with me. In my living room, in my pocket, in my office and even in the bedroom (that’s AppleTV, iPhone, MacBook and iMac).

I can’t imagine choosing. Please don’t make me. You two really are better together than apart. Google, with your amazing web services and Apple with your incredible design and commitment to excellence. You inspire me and make me better at what I do. I need you both… and I need you together.

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