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The Little One

08.25.08 Posted in Random Musing by

So Jill wasn’t kidding!

At 5am this morning she started feeling contractions, at 9am I called the midwife on call, at 1pm we arrived at the U of U hospital (and Melissa, our favorite midwife was on call!) and Jill was 6cm, at 3pm Jill was at 9cm (oh, and I’m sick as a dog… damz…), at 5pm Jill starting going into hard labor and at 7.12pm The Little One was born!

OH!  And The Little One is a He!

That’s mom and The Little Boy about an hour after.  He went for food about an hour in… even though he doesn’t totally get it yet!  But he will.  He’s my son after all!

Oh, and here’s a picture of Melissa our midwife who stayed 3 hours after her shift had ended! I’m telling you, she is the best.

Oh, and one last story.  Or the first one… whatever.  Tonight was supposed to be our last hypnobirthing class!  Obviously we didn’t make it, but the class did a tour of the hospital so I saw them!  And, if you want to know, Jill did awesome and the hypnobirthing was totally the right way to go.  Obviously I’m not going to say something as stupid as “it was easy” but Jill was impressive even if was the hardest thing she’s ever done!

More later… I’m tired and a bit delirious!

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