The BCS is The Suck

The BCS…

11.25.06 Posted in Rants by

The Bowl Championship Series. What a stupid idea. Its Saturday, the day after shop-fest and two days after Thanksgiving and I have to say I am enjoying college football today. The games are fun and there are a few really good match-ups today. But frankly, I’m a bit sad. College football has been living in this world where the teams don’t really get to decide who the real winner is… the media and some crazy computer does. I know, you are wondering how yesterday I could be ranting about our communal over consumption and today I’m ranting about something as trivial as a game.

I have nothing to say in my defense.

Imagine a world where the nations top 16 teams played it out over a month from the beginning of December to the beginning of January. Teams like Michigan wouldn’t be getting hosed by this computer and teams like Boise State could actually get a chance to show they are a good team. It would be amazing. But, alas, the ol’ mighty dollar wins in the end and these freaks in charge don’t want to give up their oh so precious “bowl games”.

Ironically, all I’ve ever seen in bowls are flakes and nuts… sounds about right here too.

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