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The First Time is Magical

09.30.11 Posted in Reflections by

I’ve been a bit self reflective recently, I admit. I’m not sure what the deal is, hopefully not cancer of the brain or something. Whatever is going on I ended up watching this video 4 times today. Its making the rounds on the interwebs. The video is of Sloan Churman, a 29 year old woman […]

Take 5 Minutes

09.26.11 Posted in Personal Mission by

One of my less endearing qualities (although I admit I have many) is impatience. Its never done fast enough. I’m never there soon enough. And I’m always getting ticked off about it. I’m Getting Impatient But the truth is, its usually done fast enough. I’m always there soon enough. And I’m getting mad for no […]

My Three Words

01.30.10 Posted in Personal Mission by

Leader. Creator. Storyteller. Those are my 3 words. At least today they are; its the best I can do on such short notice. I’m putting together my résumé and as I’ve been looking at others, one had their 3 words listed under their name (I wish I saved where I saw that, but I didn’t). […]