can't we just get along?

Two Good Friends

03.14.10 Posted in Random Musing, Technology by

On Friday I was reminded of two very dear friends of mine that have recently been on the outs… in fact, it seems like things are turning from bad to worse. It makes me so incredibly sad. In 2006 they almost got married! Or at least that’s what myself and their other mutual friends all […]

Creative Conflict

03.05.10 Posted in Reflections by

Its funny, when I first signed up for Twitter I was fairly convinced it was worthless. So worthless in fact that I ended up completely deleting my account! 18 months later Twitter was still there and growing and I knew I had missed something so I signed back up and even was able to get […]

Running a Small Business

01.15.10 Posted in Reflections by

For about the last 3 years my wife and I have run a small business that helps individuals who work for non-profits and have to raise their own support with their marketing (newsletters, websites stuff like that). Whenever I tell someone that I “own a small business” they get all dreamy eyed and usually say, […]