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Opium, Agriculture and Afghanistan

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I know… I shouldn’t make political statements on a blog like this… but I can’t help it. I hate war. I hate the war in Afghanistan and Iraq. Maybe I’m ignorant; its certainly possible, but war is simply a choice between killing a brother in Christ or killing someone who has yet to come to God. Can that ever be a good choice?

But, when war is combined with the insanity that is politics it gets real ugly. The Washington Post had an article on Saturday about the issue of Opium production in Afghanistan. Its not good news. But what I consider the bad news isn’t even mentioned in the article… we could have prevented this problem of opium production. See, other ag goods other than opium can grown in Afghanistan, but the EU and the US wouldn’t open their markets to any potential agriculture goods produced in Afghanistan. Why? Well, that question could be asked again and again… I just don’t know.

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  1. Seth, I have been thinking about this whole concept of war lately, and simply asking the challenging questions but no one can answer them. Maybe you can. I hate war too. The Bible says Thou shalt not kill. Period. Point Blank. It does not say Thou shalt not kill unless it is in times of war or self-defense, or killing a terrorist or criminal (death penalty?). SO, why do so many conservative christians support this war in iraq? Is is just because our president claims faith? Yet also, there are several times where God brings victory to people through war, or death. Just one example is david & goliath, as well as countless other times. What of that? He gave David the power to kill Goliath? What about his commandment? That seems contradictory, but I know that God is good and unchanging, i just know know how this works? Can we ever be in support of war? Can death ever be justified? Jesus was not a military general like the jews were expecting. He never promoted stoning or killing anyone.

  2. also, i have heard that we are major users of the opium that comes from afghanistan. so if the US stopped doing drugs, we would also stop aiding the terrorists that we are fighting. hmmmm.fighting a war and secretly slipping the enemy money? ridiculous. i wish people would think of the ultimate perspective and the hidden consequences of their actions. the world is so interconnected and none of our actions affect solely us, which is what many people would like ot believe in order to justify they are doing no one harm.

  3. Melissa!!

    Well, this whole question of war is so hard. And you bring up some good examples of why this is a difficult issue because in the OT there are A LOT of examples of God using war for his ultimate glory and purposes. And I'm not saying God can't do that if he doesn't want to. BUT, one major difference between the OT and the NT is "the people of God". The OT is the story of God's chosen people establishing themselves among the world so that God could be made known through them… the NT is the story of God's final redemption strategy (Jesus) that is to be brought to the whole world through his chosen people (ie a spiritual Israel).

    There's a major shift for the OT and the NT… and its not that God has changed, but its how God relates to us and how we relate to him. In the OT God relates to his people (who are an actual genetically differentiated people group) and they relate to him through physical or temporal means as well… making sacrifices, going to the temple.

  4. But in the NT there is a shift from the temperal and tangible to the spiritual. God's people is a spiritual people, not a physical people. And we are concerned with spiritual things (salvation, justice, etc), not physical things (land, sacrifices, etc).

    That's why I have a hardtime with war, it doesn't seem it should be the business of Jesus followers to be engaged with it. We aren't in the OT anymore… the old things have gone and new things have come… as the saying goes.

  5. Anyway… basically what I'm trying to say is… I don't know.

    Why do "evangelicals" support the war? Well, frankly, (and I know I'm going to get flamed for this) I don't think they have the capacity to differentiate their politics from their spirituality. In other words, GW and the Bible have the same amount of influence in their life; both, apparently, are infallible.

    And the crazy thing about the opium issues… while I'm ranting like a mad man… is that we don't even have to stop buying Opium! WE JUST NEED TO START BUYING POTATOES! The US and EU have both closed their markets to outside agricultural goods… unbelievable…

  6. ahhh…you are so much wise seth. that helps. i bought potatoes on sunday, but i think they were from idaho or something. 🙁

  7. Listen dude… didn't you work for the CIA this past summer?

    I didn't inhale… honest…

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