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New Year’s Resolutions: 2012 Edition

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It’s 2012.

The Bears won. And its looking really good Albert Ma is going to lose. I think I’m going to like 2012.

Of course, as I look forward to a great 2012, I also reflect on 2011 and wonder what I can do differently to make 2012 better. That’s where these silly resolutions start to come into play.

A Fresh Start

Good resolutions are simply checks that men draw on a bank where they have no account. ~Oscar Wilde

Its always exciting at the chance to start fresh! I’m guessing that’s how a million dollars feels… but I have no first hand knowledge of that, so emphasis on the guessing part.

A new year means new beginnings. A chance to start being the people we want to be but who we clearly and empirically are not. I love this. Its like our collective better selves get together once a year and cheer, “hey, we can do this!”.

Its also sort of like Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny having a love child… or love animal. Or whatever would be the out come of such an affair and naming it New Year’s Resolution.

The Elephant in the Room.

I don’t have a problem with new year’s resolutions really. I think I may have actually met someone once who actually followed through with (part of) their resolution for (possibly as long as) a week.

But that’s the thing, right? These damn things just don’t work.

Personally I stopped making them a few years back anyway. Not only do they not work, they also have the added benefit of making me look like a bigger liar and flake than I already am! Perfect. No wonder these things are so popular!

And when we get right down to it, if I was going to start going to the gym, I’d already be going. Same with that foreign language thing or the get organized thing or the whatever thing.

So What’s a Guy to Do?

Just trimmed Riesling Vine

Trimming up the Plant that Grows the Magical Fruit

But its a new year! A new start! Not making any resolutions is totally unsatisfying. And its akin to sending out a family update to all your friends proclaiming, “2011, our last great year!”. Unless, of course, I actually do have a million dollars forgotten away somewhere. Then…

I made an interesting observation today as I was out trimming my small vineyard. (And for those who haven’t seen it, I live in town, its SMALL). As a pretend vintner I’m a lot more concerned with the health and well being of my great producing vines than I am in the craptastic vines.

Those great vines… well, they are great. Really great. And I know they can be even better. They’ve shown their potential. And I’d rather spend my limited time and resources on making them the best than trying to make something bad, just okay or average.

I’m shooting for blow your mind good. Not just better. Or good enough for government work.

Funny how that’s the exact opposite of my resolutions normally. But not this year.

2012 = Focusing on my Strengths

(And ignoring my weaknesses.)

That’s my New Year’s Resolution.

I’m focusing on the things that make me great. Not the things that make me… well, less regrettable. In 2012, I’m bringing awesome back.

2 Responses to “New Year’s Resolutions: 2012 Edition”

  1. Susan Rigler says:

    Is this the same 7th grade student who I couldn’t get to write a sentence? Nice piece of thoughtful prose Seth — I am impressed! I also agree with you 🙂

    • Seth Neal says:

      Mrs. Rigler!!!!!!!!! Haha! I can’t even believe its you! Its true, I wasn’t much of a writer then–to busy staging “walk outs” for that writing thing. And truthfully, not much of a writer now, but it looks like I learned a little something from your English class!

      Thank you for the kind words and even more for your patience back then! Haha! Hope you are well!!

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