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Seth Neal 2.0: New Blog Focus

01.10.10 Posted in News by

Coming SoonI forget how long ago I bought but when I did I had allusions of grandeur of how I was going to share me with the world through writing. Turned out I wasn’t really into writing a new post every week and I’m lucky to write a new post once a year and I quickly realized my allusions were nothing more than delusions! However, it being a new year and all (and in keeping with my delusions), I’ve decided to rededicate myself to and transform it more into brochure / résumé site for yours truly.

Now, this new mission is nearly as ridiculous as the first, as 1) I run my own small business with my wife and don’t really need a to put out a résumé and 2) I’m not famous and don’t really need a site all about me. Good points. Both of them. Let me try to explain my thinking…

First, Jill and I have been talking (as us married couples do once in a while) and we feel its time I start moving away from life at Staff Monkey and find some new and exciting challenges (and thus perhaps I do need to update my résumé!). And second, when you do a google search for yours truly, well, this site is the first thing that pops up (which isn’t a good thing presently). I need a better first impression than this… Thus, update needed.

No doubt the first thing I need to do is head over to the world’s best WordPress theme site, ThemeForest, and purchase me a new theme. Stay tuned….

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