Are you laughing at me?

My back…

11.26.06 Posted in Reflections by

So, normally on Sunday afternoons, between the late game and the evening game, I go and play basketball with some guys from church. Its always a great time… but today, in addition to the insult of having the Bears lose to New England, I somehow hurt my back. Now, when I say I hurt my back, what I really mean is… I can’t even walk or stand up straight. Yes, its pretty funny. I think so too. But seriously, I can’t walk. It has given me a second or two to reflect on the fact that there are a lot of people out there who can’t walk because they are so hopelessly out of shape they hurt their back playing a pick up game, but because they have a permenant disability.

When I was in high school every year for a certain class we had to carry around a baby for a week. Not a real one, but a bag of sugar or whatever. What if you had to not walk for a week, how would that change your life? I wouldn’t even be able to get into my apartment. I guess that’s why I don’t have any friends who can’t walk, go figure.

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