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Macs, and iPhones, and Tweets! Oh, My!

01.29.10 Posted in Technology by

Dorothy and friends...How did the world function before the iPhone? I can’t even remember. Honestly. I can’t even pretend-imagine.

I was in the car with The Wife and The Boy yesterday in Nampa, ID. I don’t even know how we ended up there, but we did and I was completely lost. Trusty iPhone to the rescue (and Google Maps too)! But wait! We can’t leave Nampa yet? Why? We need to eat, that’s why (I’m fairly certain the wife must be prego). What to do?

Well, why you think about it, I posted this to Twitter from my iPhone (with the great Tweetie app), “Lost in the 2C and need to find a place to eat with the family! Suggestions?” and within 60 seconds I get this response, “Where are you by? There is Brick 29, Darby’s, Krung Thai, House of Kim, Le Belle Vie all by the DT core.” from @TreasuredValley. Who… I’ve never even met in real life. And guess what? Brick 29 is awesome!

And on the way home we reserved a RedBox via our iPhone to watch on our iMac that night.

I’m serious here folks… how, did, we, do, it?

2 Responses to “Macs, and iPhones, and Tweets! Oh, My!”

  1. Jeff says:

    I’m with you there! BTW, Krung Thai has great sushi/sashimi, but best of all is the squid salad! 🙂

  2. Seth Neal says:

    I’ve had several people recommend Krung Thai but have yet to make it! Love Thai though. Been to Thailand even!

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