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08.23.10 Posted in Fun, Random Musing by

WordPress is great. Actually, its awesome. This site runs on WordPress. So do 10 million other sites; or so I’ve heard. A few weeks ago a whole twitter storm erupted over a certain theme that you can buy for WordPress. At issue was how the theme was licensed and whether or not that was congruent with WordPress’s GPL. The short answer is it wasn’t; or isn’t. You can read about what a GPL means here, but the short answer is it means that any software based off of General Public Licenced software also must be GPL’d. I know, its all real exciting.

But there was an exciting part for me! And since this is my site, I get to write about that here! The guy who was behind this theme made the claim in an interview that “he was one of the 3 most important people in WordPress”. Now, he has a lot of users of his theme, but the claim is was crazy outrageous. The guy has a serious case of narcissism (as it turns out, my kind of guy!). So the founder of WordPress, Matt Mullenweg, decided to give away some t-shirts and certificates to anyone who ask. I asked… and now I’m One of the three most important people in WordPress too!

And then I found $5.

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