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OK, so Jill and I have been going to birthing classes as we anticipate The Little One.  And that’s exactly what we say.  And if people want to believe that means lamaze class or whatever that’s fine with us because truthfully we are a little embarrassed to be going.  If there is one thing good conservative Christians aren’t suppose to be about it is hippie-psycho babble.  Now, I know… there is already some debate about the whole “good conservative Christian” thing, but that’s another post.

Hypnobirthing is the birthing class Oprah would take if she were ever with child and in need of such a class. In fact, I would describe Hypnobirthing as more philosophy than actual technique.  For instance, there are “laws” we went over in our first class such as “The Law of Harmonious Attraction” (which of course gets back to the Oprah comment above).

But here’s the thing; we think we like it! Not so much the psycho babble parts; but the birth is a natural event not a medical intervention parts! Imagine that. Our midwife (Melissa, whom we LOVE) really encouraged us to participate and we are glad we did. It’ll be exciting to see how all this plays out as we await The Little One.

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