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Hi Oscar…

02.26.07 Posted in Films by

Well, I watched the Oscar’s last night with Jill… and I know I’m not suppose to like Ellen since she is openly gay bla, bla, bla… the fact is I laughed my butt off most of the night.  Seriously… she was funny.  And so was the musical performance by Will Farrell and Jack Black.  Good stuff…

Since I’m not a huge Oscar winner one of the things I was surprised about was that they gave awards for best short film in two categories (animated and live action).  Maybe this isn’t news, but I love short films.  They are fun to watch (my iPod is full of them), fun to make (although I’m no Spielberg) and can actually teach you alot about the art of story telling (probably my favorite past-time).

Shorts International is the leading short film “distributor” and I’d recommend you check them out for short films that have found some “success”; you can find many of their titles on iTunes as well.  As well, if you ever get a chance to participate in a project like the 48 Hour Film Project do it.

Anyway… this post is pretty pointless… I’ll post two short films that I like by just “regular” dudes like you and me… the first is actually the first short film that really got me excited… it was released June 2001.  You may have seen it, its called Duality.  It’s on YouTube now (as is everything); you can see it here:

This next one is just funny and I like funny… You can see it here:

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