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Football Towns

01.04.10 Posted in Random Musing by

American’s love football. I love football. I’ve never lived in an NFL football town. Yea, I’m from Montana. But, I’ve lived in some great college football towns. Missoula, MT has the University of Montana Grizzlies (my alma mater), a perennial power in what used to be called Division 1-AA — which is now called the FCS, i.e. Football Championship Subdivision, e.g. they actually play a playoff to determine the national championship! Missoulians love the Grizzlies and games are extremely fun to attend. Salt Lake City, UT isn’t really a great college town, but when I lived in SLC and worked on the University of Utah campus during the Utes original BCS busting season (remember Urban Meyer and Alex Smith?) SLC transformed into a fun football town. Now I live in Boise, ID and the locals here love them some Boise State Broncos. Games are fun to go to and watching games with BSU fans are fun too. Tonight’s Fiesta Bowl game against TCU was fun and all the anticipated trickeration leading to BSU’s victory made it just that much more fun.

However, all this fun turned to hilarity when BSU’s marching ban and girls-in-tights-who-should-never-wear-tights came out for the halftime show! Now, mind you, I didn’t even watch the halftime show because I wanted to play me some Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 on my PS3… but I received no less than 3 calls from out-of-town friends in the span of a minute — and had a wife in hysterics all because of this:

Mind you, this is already on YouTube and the game has just barely ended! Cow Bell Girl doesn’t seem that amused or excited, but I can promise you she did make the halftime show a little more fun. Thanks Cow Bell girl.

UPDATE – 1/5/10: OK, so this morning I learned on Twitter ┬áthat not only has Cow Bell Girl been noticed by more than my friends and wife (see here) but that Cow Bell Girl is… blind. So, I’m thinking, if this is indeed true, an apology is in order on my behalf. My wife thinks I should remove the complete post, but I’m not going to do that. I shouldn’t make fun of blind girls, or fat girls, or anyone for that matter and truthfully all I was hoping to point out was how one 5 second shot can make a game more fun to watch.

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