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Fear and Trembling…

06.10.07 Posted in Fun, Reflections by

Our culture is consumed by fear.  Its all the rage.  Afraid of Osama; afraid of the world melting; afraid that we won’t get to keep our happy little lives the way they are.  In many ways there isn’t anything more wrong with our collective consciousness’s than this fear mongering we are so adept at.

Scared as hell...

But there is something God given about fear.  Not the kind we usually practice, or the spiritual kind that you may think I’m referring too… but the primal kind.   I came across this picture this week and just can’t stop staring at it… its a picture of fear and trembling and somehow its making me a little more whole.

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  1. that's good and deep sethie. good note to head to thailand with. Thanks. See you at Brie's matrimonial celebration??

  2. Jesse Ahmann says:

    Thanks for linking up to me!

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