Yea... I'm kinda calling you fat.


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Its the first day after our most thankful day of the year… Black Friday. Really, when you think about it, its just an extension of the excessive consuming we started yesterday. And, like yesterday, its an all day event. Amazing. I know… you already know where I am going to go with this… I’m going to flame all you capitalist pigs, etc, etc. But, let there be no confusion, I am preparing myself to start shopping on immediately after this! So… never fear, any guilt you feel will be easily abated by repeating one simple word, “hypocrite”.

A few manupulative stats for your reading enjoyment:

  • The top 20% of the economic ladder (that’s you if you’re reading this) consume 49% of the world’s fish and meat.
  • The bottom 20% of the economic ladder (those are the people you never see) consume 4% of the world’s fish and meat.
  • The U.S. consumer spends over $10 billion annually on their pets (fluffy is real cute).
  • The UNDP estimates it would only take an additional $9 billion annually for all to have access to clean water (over-rated).

Listen, I’m not trying to make you feel bad. I don’t want to feel bad myself. All I’m suggesting is that we take some time to prioritize what we are thankful for this year and choose to use some of our hard earned money to reflect that.

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