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Its the 4th Quarter, and we are in trouble…

12.06.11 Posted in Reflections by

If you know me, you may know I’m a big Chicago Bears fan. Simply put, they are the greatest professional sports franchise in America. But we are in trouble in 2011. First, Jay Cutler goes down with a broken thumb. Then, this week, Matt Forte goes does down with a knee injury. That’s our best […]

3 Lessons Learned from Steve Jobs

10.05.11 Posted in Reflections by

Steve Jobs died today. I’m not sure this is necessarily going to be one of those “where were you when you heard Steve Jobs died” sort of things or not. But I know I’ll always remember. I had just finished dinner, grabbed my iPhone and read this tweet. My heart immediately sunk. I went to Apple’s homepage to see this. “Damn. […]

The First Time is Magical

09.30.11 Posted in Reflections by

I’ve been a bit self reflective recently, I admit. I’m not sure what the deal is, hopefully not cancer of the brain or something. Whatever is going on I ended up watching this video 4 times today. Its making the rounds on the interwebs. The video is of Sloan Churman, a 29 year old woman […]


03.17.11 Posted in Reflections by

Boise. It definitley doesn’t suck. Or maybe… Boise. Man, this place is awesome. I don’t know which it is;  but I thought I should just write something down, anything, to make my feelings on the matter public. Boise is a great place to work and live. In fact, people love lists so much I’m going […]

Da Bears, circa Fall 2010

09.27.10 Posted in Fun, Reflections by

I know. I over reacted. But you watched the pre-season too, didn’t you? We looked HORRIBLE. Completely hapless. I think I had every right to freak out. And after all the expectations of last year burning up like a super nova before our eyes I wasn’t going to make the same mistake going into the […]

Creative Conflict

03.05.10 Posted in Reflections by

Its funny, when I first signed up for Twitter I was fairly convinced it was worthless. So worthless in fact that I ended up completely deleting my account! 18 months later Twitter was still there and growing and I knew I had missed something so I signed back up and even was able to get […]

Running a Small Business

01.15.10 Posted in Reflections by

For about the last 3 years my wife and I have run a small business that helps individuals who work for non-profits and have to raise their own support with their marketing (newsletters, websites stuff like that). Whenever I tell someone that I “own a small business” they get all dreamy eyed and usually say, […]

Boot Camp

07.07.09 Posted in Reflections by

Have you ever had your ass kicked? It happens all the time on the movies, the hero or the villian takes a beating but seems barely phased. That’s total horse crap in case you hadn’t guessed yet. I don’t know how I got to where I am today. I suppose a little reflection on my […]

Fear and Trembling…

06.10.07 Posted in Fun, Reflections by

Our culture is consumed by fear.  Its all the rage.  Afraid of Osama; afraid of the world melting; afraid that we won’t get to keep our happy little lives the way they are.  In many ways there isn’t anything more wrong with our collective consciousness’s than this fear mongering we are so adept at. But […]

This I believe…

12.15.06 Posted in Reflections by

NPR runs this great series called, “This I believe…” where people submit essays that start with that phrase.  It used to run in the 1950’s and about a year ago they started running the segment again.  Its really great.  Penn Jillette (from Penn & Teller fame) recently submitted an essay saying he believes there is […]