The Cowboys are ruining the Bears

Screw the Dallas Cowboys!

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If you know me, you know I have a certain affinity for the Chicago Bears. I have a deep love for all our Chicago Bears. And as a Bears fan, there are teams I “hate”. The Green Bay Packers come to mind. But this is the sort of hate you have for your brother who […]

Imagine There’s No BCS

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Its easy if you try. No polls to discuss. No one left standing to cry. Imagine all the fans happy cheering today. Playoffs? PLAYOFFS?! One of my first posts on this blog was about the BCS. See, I went to a school where we found out who had the best football team on the field. […]

Why Tyrants Win

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(And other mumblings from a Social Media dud.) The New Oxford American Dictionary defines a tyrant as such: tyrant |ˈtīrənt| noun • a cruel and oppressive ruler • a person exercising power or control in a cruel, unreasonable, or arbitrary way If you remember, sometime last week I made the case to unfollow Albert Ma. […]

A Campaign to Unfollow Albert Ma (@albear)

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Just so there isn’t any confusion: I consider Albert Ma a friend and a great guy. The following is more a result of my procrastination on this fine Friday than anything else. Note: If you don’t currently follow Albert Ma on Twitter please do so now so you can unfollow him at the end of […]

Da Bears, Circa Fall 2009

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I can remember when I sealed my “fan-ship” to the Chicago Bears. I was 10 and the Monsters of the Midway were doing the Superbowl Shuffle on their way to a glorious season. You can relive that glory right here: Mind you, the Superbowl Shuffle was done before they won the Superbowl! Hellz ya. I […]

Why are you poor?

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So I was in Barnes & Noble paging through some books I had no intention of buying because I'm cheap… sipping my $4 latte (yes, there was a hint of sarcastic irony there) and came across a book called "Poor People" by a certain William Vollmann–I'm sure his friends call him Bill.  Anyway, Bill, who […]


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I know… I’ve been totally ranting lately.  Its the weather.  The weather makes me do things… bad things. And since we live in this screwed up world we call home; well, you get the idea.  I can go overboard.  So, instead of raging about the new UNDP report that just came out (read the news […]

The BCS…

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The Bowl Championship Series. What a stupid idea. Its Saturday, the day after shop-fest and two days after Thanksgiving and I have to say I am enjoying college football today. The games are fun and there are a few really good match-ups today. But frankly, I’m a bit sad. College football has been living in […]


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Its the first day after our most thankful day of the year… Black Friday. Really, when you think about it, its just an extension of the excessive consuming we started yesterday. And, like yesterday, its an all day event. Amazing. I know… you already know where I am going to go with this… I’m going […]