Seth... that's MY name!

No, MY name is Seth

09.13.11 Posted in Random Musing by

Lately I’ve been having a light-hearted twitter fight (with Albert Ma) that I’ve been losing. Its been fun (for me anyway), but it has reminded me the power of a name. Our unique identifier. Of course, our names aren’t unique. There are no fewer than a dozen Seth Neal’s that come up in a google […]

I ♥ WordPress

08.23.10 Posted in Fun, Random Musing by

WordPress is great. Actually, its awesome. This site runs on WordPress. So do 10 million other sites; or so I’ve heard. A few weeks ago a whole twitter storm erupted over a certain theme that you can buy for WordPress. At issue was how the theme was licensed and whether or not that was congruent […]

Two Good Friends

03.14.10 Posted in Random Musing, Technology by

On Friday I was reminded of two very dear friends of mine that have recently been on the outs… in fact, it seems like things are turning from bad to worse. It makes me so incredibly sad. In 2006 they almost got married! Or at least that’s what myself and their other mutual friends all […]

Football Towns

01.04.10 Posted in Random Musing by

American’s love football. I love football. I’ve never lived in an NFL football town. Yea, I’m from Montana. But, I’ve lived in some great college football towns. Missoula, MT has the University of Montana Grizzlies (my alma mater), a perennial power in what used to be called Division 1-AA — which is now called the […]

Carter Edwin Neal

08.27.08 Posted in Random Musing by

Wow… I’m really tired. I’m not sure we are even going to understand how our lives have just changed. Our little boy is so cute.  And now he has a name! Introducing Carter Edwin Neal, born 6lbs 6oz and 19″ long and healthy as… you know, something we all think of as being very healthy. […]

The Little One

08.25.08 Posted in Random Musing by

So Jill wasn’t kidding! At 5am this morning she started feeling contractions, at 9am I called the midwife on call, at 1pm we arrived at the U of U hospital (and Melissa, our favorite midwife was on call!) and Jill was 6cm, at 3pm Jill was at 9cm (oh, and I’m sick as a dog… damz…), at […]

HOLY $&#%!

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So Jill says she is in labor… … Right now! The Little One cometh.


08.18.08 Posted in Random Musing by

OK, so Jill and I have been going to birthing classes as we anticipate The Little One.  And that’s exactly what we say.  And if people want to believe that means lamaze class or whatever that’s fine with us because truthfully we are a little embarrassed to be going.  If there is one thing good conservative Christians aren’t […]


08.12.08 Posted in Random Musing by

I’ve always had an over-inflated sense of what was right and what was wrong. Sometimes that served me well; like when my sixth grade friend said we should hide in a ditch and shoot at oncoming cars with his new bee-bee gun I said, “Hellz no, my dad will literally kick my ass into next […]

Blog Update: July 26

07.26.08 Posted in Random Musing by

At the SLC Bees game. Literally sweating my ass off and its 9PM! DAMNZ! Anyway, want to start writing more often here, even though I have nothing to say! And that after 2 beers (my father-in-law is in town, what else am I suppose to drink?)! That and I want to try my new WP […]