The Littler Dude

Luke Willis Neal

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I was the older brother, so I never really had that much sympathy for the younger sibling growing up. But as a father, there’s no question that younger one gets the short end of the stick most of the time. And this blog is definitely an example of that, when The Little Dude was born, he immediately […]

Dear Shiva, that Sucktard Albert Ma Doesn’t Deserve You!

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Note: If the Title of this Post means nothing to you, cue up Netflix and catch up on Season’s 1 and 2 of The League. Please also note this post is categorized under “fun”.  So its come to this. The final weekend of the regular season. Of course, that can only  mean its championship weekend […]


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Why Tyrants Win

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(And other mumblings from a Social Media dud.) The New Oxford American Dictionary defines a tyrant as such: tyrant |ˈtīrənt| noun • a cruel and oppressive ruler • a person exercising power or control in a cruel, unreasonable, or arbitrary way If you remember, sometime last week I made the case to unfollow Albert Ma. […]

A Campaign to Unfollow Albert Ma (@albear)

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Just so there isn’t any confusion: I consider Albert Ma a friend and a great guy. The following is more a result of my procrastination on this fine Friday than anything else. Note: If you don’t currently follow Albert Ma on Twitter please do so now so you can unfollow him at the end of […]

Da Bears versus The Packers: Greatest Games Ever

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I’m so excited! Sunday January 23rd, 2011 The Chicago Bears will be facing The Green Bay Packers in what is only their second playoff meeting EVER! I SAID EVER PEOPLE!! Keep in mind, this is the oldest rivalry in the National Football League! And probably the best rivalry in all of professional sports. And they […]

Da Bears, circa Fall 2010

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I know. I over reacted. But you watched the pre-season too, didn’t you? We looked HORRIBLE. Completely hapless. I think I had every right to freak out. And after all the expectations of last year burning up like a super nova before our eyes I wasn’t going to make the same mistake going into the […]

I ♥ WordPress

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WordPress is great. Actually, its awesome. This site runs on WordPress. So do 10 million other sites; or so I’ve heard. A few weeks ago a whole twitter storm erupted over a certain theme that you can buy for WordPress. At issue was how the theme was licensed and whether or not that was congruent […]

Da Bears, circa Spring 2010

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So… its NFL free agency time. I don’t know how it snuck up on me so quickly… oh yea, its because I’m a Bears fan and we don’t normally do anything the first day of free agency! BUT WAIT! The Bears did make a block-buster trade last off-season for Jay Cutler. Remember, the trade that […]

Fear and Trembling…

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Our culture is consumed by fear.  Its all the rage.  Afraid of Osama; afraid of the world melting; afraid that we won’t get to keep our happy little lives the way they are.  In many ways there isn’t anything more wrong with our collective consciousness’s than this fear mongering we are so adept at. But […]