Boise. It definitely doesn't suck.


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Boise. It definitley doesn’t suck.

Or maybe…

Boise. Man, this place is awesome.

I don’t know which it is;  but I thought I should just write something down, anything, to make my feelings on the matter public. Boise is a great place to work and live. In fact, people love lists so much I’m going to come up with my top 5 reasons Boise is awesome.

  1. Cost of living. When you compare your cost of living to other Rocky Mountain cities such as Denver, CO or Salt Lake City, UT or to other Northwest cities such as Portland, OR or Seattle, OR you quickly find the Boise has the best cost of living of any of them! Obviously in today’s economic times that’s a plus. Go peruse Boise Real Estate and tell me I’m wrong!
  2. Outdoor Activities. This could be reasons 2 – 4. Having a great cost of living comparison doesn’t mean much if you can’t do many of the same things as in those other places. Fortunately Boise has as many, and in many cases MORE great outdoor activities. Fishing, skiing, camping, mountain biking, hiking, etc, etc. And Boise’s Greenbelt (the river that runs through Boise that has parks along most of it) can’t be compared to many other places period!
  3. Nightlife. You might expect Boise to come up short in the “I like to boogie” department, but Boise has a great restaurant and entertainment scene. I’m not going to feed you a line of bull that its better than the other cities I’ve mentioned here; but if you are worried that Boise doesn’t have great places to eat and party you are wrong. You start your evening at Bittercreek Alehouse for a great Northwest Beer and then head over to Chandler’s Steakhouse for a crazy good dinner before heading over to Bardenay Restaurant  & Distillery to meet a few friends and then finish your night at The Modern Hotel & Bar. Crap. I just figured out my next date with my wife. And any of these places could easily end up being the only place you go that night.

OK, so that’s only 3 thing! But… my time is up and I’ve got to go!

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